09. May 2020
There is a call from Earth to align with Her rhythm. An urgent, important call. The Earth calls us, The Earth calls us to align with Her rhythm.
20. March 2020
Many of us are aware of the perverse consequences of our systems and our painful co-participation in them. Collectively we are confronted with this paradox of a system that fails us and nature, and that we keep feeding and perpetuating as we go on with our daily choices as consumers, entrepreneurs, employees, policy makers, or whatever our role is. What can we do then?

18. March 2020
Perhaps we are called to grow beyond our daily and unquestioned greed, beyond the numbness and apathy we find in our mechanical day to day activities. We may be called to come back to what is most natural in us, our capacity to open our hearts, our capacity to connect with our brothers and sisters, both humans and non-humans in a meaningful and essential way. Perhaps we can start working together.