The Time is Now

There is a call from Earth to align with Her rhythm.

An urgent, important call.

The Earth calls us, The Earth calls us to align with Her rhythm.

We need to do this, so that we can access a lived experience. Only by having this experience can we really be who we are.

We need to do this for us, for humanity, for species, for the planet. Attuning with the rhythm of the Earth. Let us really turn in and down.

Feel the pulse of our heart, the fluids in our body, the structure of our bones, the texture of our skin.

And attune into the Earth's rhythm even more,

How does the Earth feel?

How does our Mother Earth feel?


Can we feel Her? Can we open ourselves up to the possibility of feeling Her?

What if we allow ourselves to leave the habitual, the security that our habitual way of thinking and feeling offers us? Can we allow ourselves to leave this safe ground?

And feel into the unknown. That which is not yet clearly appearing, which cannot yet be expressed. Eventually something new may emerge. It is in the not yet materialized and concrete that something is born.

Going through the darkness of what we don't know as a way of letting something die,

Something that may have been necessary so far, something that has kept us going. Letting it go.

As we allow ourselves to simply melt into our body and feel it, perhaps this pulse in us, this flow in us, this structure and texture in us is of the same matter as Earth's matter.

Maybe we are really children of the Earth.

May we look, and see, and open ourselves up to experiencing what we have done to the same matter that inhabits us. The same matter we're made of. What we are doing to our Mother

and to us.


Let's go inside the Earth, re-enter Earth.

The Earth is as alive as we are.

More alive even.

Is it possible to feel Her immensity?

Feel Her rhythm?

Can we be informed by Her pulse?


The time is now, there is a call

Let's go in together,

We will enter as Her children.

In our Mother.

Just as a way of understanding Her to really know what we need to know.

Surrender to what we don't yet know, to what is wiser than us.

Allowing ourselves us to be informed of something vital. That we cannot possibly know by ourselves alone.


Is it possible to listen and purely take this wisdom? Letting ourselves remember what to do?

Our purpose here? What are we born to do?

The time is now, there is a call.

Can we let go of the habitual, the security of our habitual way?                                                                                                                                       


With a purpose.

A greater purpose than us. One that is at service of our Mother and all beings.

And this time, we do it because it is our turn to do it.

Because we can.

As a service, an owned responsibility.


Our ability.


By Joana Carvalho