Our Why

As we are at a time of great changes and climate records, we need to reorient collectively towards a more sustainable future, politically, economically and personally.


Collectively we have to start rethinking our actions and decisions, if we want to offer a livable planet to future generations. As we are bound to a collective story and ingrained habits, change does not come on its own. It requires from each one of us an inner process, a reorientation. 


We see our work on the personal level, helping others to reconnect to a deeper sense of belonging to this beautiful planet and to open to a sense of responsibility that calls for action. We have a tendency to leave the responsibility for change to our politicians and people in power, not recognizing our own power and responsibility as consumers of products coming from our earth, and very often exploiting and polluting our beautiful planet.   


The purpose of our work is to help each other to come back into a deeper and more authentic relationship with our bodies and selves, which also means coming back to a deeper relationship with Mother Earth. We come to realize in our heart and soul that we are part of this beautiful Earth, she is our home and we are responsible for her wellbeing. Instead of exploiting her resources and using her, we can come into an alive and sacred exchange with her that nourishes everyone and is in favor of all of life’s creations. 


Trees and Circles as a symbol: 


Trees represent life, breath, healing, interconnection, diversity and nourishment.  

The circle represents the recognition that everyone has wisdom, abilities, heart and power to shape their lives and the lives around them. And that the gifts that each one of us has to offer are needed and matter.

Our Work

We offer and facilitate spaces where we can practice together the art of deep inquiry and deep listening in meaningful connection with nature, so that our thoughts and actions can come from a place of heart and from a shared vision that includes the voice of Mother Earth.


The aim of our gatherings is to undergo a personal transformation that can be translated into service for the planetary wellbeing. 


We would like to inspire and empower individuals to find their own doable ways to bring about change in their personal lives and the communities they belong to.


We offer Weekend  Immersions in Nature and ongoing group gatherings, called Circles for Change.

Our Vision

We feel it is possible to live a life of joy, beauty and love in communion with Mother Earth, with social justice and where our true needs are satisfied and artificial needs can be sacrificed. 


We believe that we humans have the capacity to return to an active collaboration with nature and each other, in a way that is caring and in service of a sustainable Earth.

Our Values


Non-duality & Inclusiveness
Community, Personal Process & Service

About Us

Trees & Circles is the co-creation of  Irene Tobler, Verónica Lassus and Joana Carvalho.


We are three women coming from different walks of life who are joining in our desire to contribute, at any scale we may be able to, to the changes that need to take place in our culture and systems, so that the coming generations may enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth and all the beautiful and valuable species that inhabit her.


Our combined skill set is in the field of transformation - body oriented therapy, depth and process work, mindfulness meditation, group work, including nature-based work, and education. We want to offer our skills and energy to help individuals find resources within a community of likeminded others and to find their own way of contributing to this important evolutionary step.