Training Awareness in Action

This one-year training is aimed at supporting individuals interested in deepening their sense of purpose within the fabric of the larger world and becoming active agents of change.


We will focus on deepening our experience of our mindful, heartfelt, and deeply embodied presence in the world and with the world. We will practice the art of listening with the whole of our being.


Together we will explore what it takes to create from an emergence rather than from the past knowns. We will examine the biases and fixed positions which keep us from engaging fully with what is possible and what is calling for our presence.


We will learn to stay in the present moment, knowing when to act from the authentic impulses that move through us, and when to wait, becoming comfortable with the dynamic tension this entails. 


The training will be rooted within the support of a vibrant community of likeminded people. It will be held partly online and partly residential in nature-based environments. There will also be the possibility to take the entire training online, for those who cannot travel.


lease contact us at for more information or stay tuned to our newsletter.