Trees&Circles Team

We are three women coming from different walks of life who are joining in our desire to contribute, at any scale we may be able to, to the necessary individual and systemic changes for a sustainable future, so that the coming generations may enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth and all the beautiful and valuable species that inhabit her.


Our combined skill set is in the field of transformation - body oriented therapy, depth and process work, mindfulness meditation, group work, including nature-based work, and education. We want to offer our skills and energy to help individuals find resources within a community of likeminded others and to find their own way of contributing to this important evolutionary step. 



Irene Tobler, MSc.

I have been working in the field of therapy and healing for over 30 years, in Switzerland, Spain and internationally, in private practice and leading groups, including nature-based experiences and depth work groups with women, in the US and in Germany. I am also the co-founder of the PSEN training  and an international supervisor.


Verónica Lassus, MSc.

I am an economist and therapist. I am a faculty member in the PSEN Training. I am also a lecturer at the Economics and Business School of the UPF University in Barcelona, where I teach business with an ethical, sustainable and conscious approach.


Joana Carvalho

I started working with groups as a yoga teacher 20 years ago. My passion for deepening lead me to become a body-mind oriented therapist, including healing work and transpersonal work. I have a private practice in Lisbon where I work individually and with groups. I´m a faculty member in the PSEN Training in Spain and in AlmaSoma  in Lisbon.