Online Dialogue Groups – a Social Experiment

The premise of the Dialogue Groups is to understand more deeply the collectively held assumptions that are shaping our current shared reality and leading to the undesired results we all experience.


The Dialogue Groups are a reflective, non-judgmental and safe holding container, with the potential for becoming coherent - the distinct feeling of becoming one mind as a group while remaining individuated as a person. 


The Dialogue Groups are also a doorway to the creative, wise potential held in the fabric of our collective field. We are intentionally orienting towards our collective field, as a way of opening to new unthought of possibilities – reorienting from the “I” to the “We”.


The intention of the Dialogue Groups is not to create a space for personal process but rather to provide a cauldron that could contribute to systemic change.


Two thirds of the payment is donated to an NGO, either to plant trees, or to support indigenous women in the Amazonas.  


The number of places is limited.

Please contact us at for registrations.