Our Work

We offer 3-day Weekend Immersions in Nature and group ongoing gatherings in Circles for Change.


During these times together, we will be examining our cultural and personal beliefs and our unquestioned assumptions about reality. This seems essential at this time in our evolution and in order to be able to work together towards a sustainable future for all life forms.


During this process of deepening together, we may be reshaped and able to awaken to deeper connection to mother Earth and a sense of belonging to her.

Weekend Immersions in Nature

These 3-day immersion workshops take place in natural settings, away from the city and include the practices of group council, encounters with nature, shamanic journeys, sound meditations, mindful walking meditation, the ancient practice of Sweat Lodge, prayer and ceremony.


They are addressed to individuals willing to undertake a personal process that can support them in becoming an active agent of change in their lives.


Our weekends offer an opportunity to reconnect with our wild and authentic nature through the art of deep inquiry and deep listening in community with others and in communion with nature. 


We work with what arises from the group experience, helping each member find their place within the whole, find their voice and have their voice be heard.


We practice listening in the indigenous way – listening to the whisperings of our body sensations , listening to the whisperings of nature, and listening to each other, listening to the silence between words and to what is not being said.


This quality of deep listening attunes us to a creative frequency that embraces all of life and connects us with our innate Earth-based wisdom. New sustainable personal choices and solutions may naturally emerge from this relational space.

Circles for Change

The Circles for Change are group gatherings to support individuals who wish to be active change creators in their lives and communities. They are meant to be held on a regular basis in various locations worldwide.


The Circles for Change are “sacred space and time” to live more deeply into fundamental questions required at this present time. As we listen unconditionally and attune to the group field, out of our collective contributions new ideas and initiatives can emerge that are much richer than our individual perspective. 


Circles represent true democracy, as everyone’s presence and voice is recognized and acknowledged as important, no matter the individual background and education. 


We see that true wisdom often comes through those who have their heart open, are deeply connected to Mother Earth, and kept alive their wild nature.


The Circles for Change facilitation methodology can be replicable and held by any group of people who wish to come together to envision and enact a more sustainable future. 

Our Why

As we are at a time of great changes and climate records, we need to reorient collectively towards a more sustainable future, politically, economically and personally.


We see our work on the personal level, helping others to reconnect to a deeper sense of belonging to this beautiful planet and to open to a sense of responsibility that calls for action.


The purpose of our work is to help each other to come back into a deeper and more authentic relationship with our bodies and selves, which also means coming back to a deeper relationship with Mother Earth

Our Vision

We feel it is possible to live a life of joy, beauty and love in communion with Mother Earth, with social justice and where our true needs are satisfied and artificial needs can be sacrificed. 


We believe that we humans have the capacity to return to an active collaboration with nature and each other, in a way that is caring and in service of a sustainable Earth.

Our Values


Non-duality & Inclusiveness
Community, Personal Process & Service

About Us

Trees & Circles is the co-creation of  Irene Tobler, Verónica Lassus and Joana Carvalho.


We are three women coming from different walks of life who are joining in our desire to contribute, at any scale we may be able to, to the changes that need to take place in our culture and systems, so that the coming generations may enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth and all the beautiful and valuable species that inhabit her.


Our combined skill set is in the field of transformation - body oriented therapy, depth and process work, mindfulness meditation, group work, including nature-based work, and education. We want to offer our skills and energy to help individuals find resources within a community of likeminded others and to find their own way of contributing to this important evolutionary step.