Remembering our Innate Wisdom


A 3-days immersion weekend in nature with

Irene Tobler, Verónica Lassus, Joana Carvalho

February 28-March 1, 2020

Montseny area

Girona, Spain

At this current time of deep uncertainty, and collective challenges, such as the climate emergency and the mass extinction of species, we as a species are called to remember who we are and to connect with our depth and authenticity.


It is paramount to examine the way we communicate with each other and the world around us. Much of our communication is happening within habitual pathways, which prevents us from calling our believes and actions into question. During this weekend together we will practice the art of calling ourselves into question, of looking beyond the surface of things, of showing up with our less than perfect humanness, with courage, honesty and compassion.


Our being together will offer each of us the opportunity to experience these unquestioned aspects of ourselves more deeply. We will also find ways of opening to and experiencing what the Swiss Psychologist C.G. Jung would call our shadow, our shadow being all the aspects of ourselves which we refuse to acknowledge and which we will project on others and the world.


In a world of polar opposites, owning our shadow sides may be one of the most useful contributions we can offer to support our beautiful Mother Earth. Healing the split in us can be the stepping stone from where to envision and enact new caring and inclusive ways.


Being immersed in nature will also help us connect more deeply with our innate nature, deep down in our physical being, our blood and flesh. In this way, we will connect to something spontaneous and natural within us, which has been censored through the “overculture”, but which can be restored.


We will practice both sharing and being received from and with our whole bodies and minds, as a way of being deeply informed by each other, in ways in which we cannot be informed by ourselves alone.

We will be working with what is arising in the moment and what is asked of us at this time on the planet.  We will include group councils, encounters with nature, shamanic Journeys, sound meditations, mindful walking meditation, the ancient practice of sweat lodge, prayer and ceremony. We will be assisting each person to find their unique place within the whole and empower them to find their voice and have their voice be heard.

This immersion weekend is the second one of a series of three weekends in nature, which aim at helping people stepping into a felt sense of their place in the world. This comes with personal responsibility, the ability to respond to the current situation in do-able ways to support a change in consciousness needed for our beautiful and precious Mother Earth to be able to come back into balance.


These weekends are for anyone who feels called to deepen into themselves and into relationship with mother Earth, not only for their own sake, but in order to become better able to contribute to a sustainable and healthy future of our beautiful Mother Earth.


Each weekend stands on its own, however for those who wish to deepen their immersion into nature and the psyche, they will have a chance to participate in the three weekends.

Each weekend will have a different theme and they will build on each other.


The weekends will take place in the La Casa dels LLacs located in Breda - a small village of Montseny halfway between Barcelona and Girona, and will include simple lodging and nourishing vegetarian meals in a conscious and caring environment in the midst of nature.


Language: This weekend nature immersion will be conducted in Spanish.

Please contact us if you would like to receive information about our international retreats.


La Casa del Llacs

Montseny area

Girona, Spain


February 28-March 1, 2020

Begins on Friday at 10.00 am

Finishes on Sunday at 4.00 pm



Food & Lodging included.

Part of the revenues will be donated to TreeSisters.

Trees&Circles is the co-creation of  Irene Tobler, Verónica Lassus and Joana Carvalho.


We are three women coming from different walks of life who are joining in our desire to contribute, at any scale we may be able to, to the changes that need to take place in our culture and systems, so that the coming generations may enjoy our beautiful Mother Earth and all the beautiful and valuable species that inhabit her.


Our combined skill set is in the field of transformation - body oriented therapy, depth and process work, mindfulness meditation, group work, including nature-based work, and education. We want to offer our skills and energy to help individuals find resources within a community of likeminded others and to find their own way of contributing to this important evolutionary step.