Our Vision

We feel it is possible to live a life of joy, wonder, beauty and love in communion with each other and with the natural world around us. 


We believe that we humans have the capacity to return to an active collaboration with nature and each other, in a way that is caring and in service of a sustainable Earth. This involves our capacity to recognize our interconnectedness with all of life and our willingness to individually and collectively respond to the needs of this time.


Our time requires of each individual to recognize one’s unique participation within the whole and to take responsibility for one’s actions and choices, which may require personal sacrifices. We can activate our capacity for selflessness, service, collaboration, compassion and action for the benefit of all beings. 


Where we are

As a civilization we have profoundly come off balance by trying to own what is not ours and by exploiting the finite resources of our great Mother. We have significantly disrupted natural cycles, climate patterns and eco-systems, which together with corporate greed and political fail, have led to the degradation of Earth, the suffering and mass extinction of other species, the exploitation of indigenous peoples and minorities, and the increase of social injustice.  We have polluted our seas with plastic to the extent that other species suffocate and die from it. We have poisoned and exploited our land for fast gain, not thinking of the future. We are even jeopardizing our own health and wellbeing as we are eroding the very basis of our existence.


Realizing how far we have come may feel discouraging and overwhelming. At the same time this can be a time of profound awakening of the heart. In the midst of these challenging times, we can find the joy of remembering who we really are and honor all of our relationships. Instead of reacting we can examine our behaviors, choices and consumption, find our place within the community of all living beings and begin to be a force for change.